Gone Fishing!

Fishing trips show service users you can have a good time without drinking.

Over the years the Basement has extended its service provision to meet the specific needs of our clients.

This year, Tommy our Outreach Manager, who is a founding member of Peninsula Angling Club based on the Wirral, has helped to set up regular fishing trips with some of our service users who have successfully began to address their alcohol addiction.

The idea for the trips came about after a number of clients who had attended The Basement’s residential alcohol detox programme, suggested attending diversionary activities which would help them maintain a life of abstinence away from the issues  that excessive drinking can create.

The trips take place at least once a month at various licenced fishing locations in Liverpool with equipment subsidised by Peninsula Angling Club.

Tommy who organises the trips commented:

“The main aim of these activities is to show people in recovery from alcohol addiction that the healing process doesn’t have to be about all about detox clinics, doctors and AA meetings. There are activities that can support recovery that are enjoyable, social and allow you to connect with people who are in the same position as you.”

The trips have proved very popular with our clients and we are looking into organising more outdoor pursuits, that will encourage and empower the people we work with to live healthier and happy lives with the full support of the Basement and a new circle of Fisherman Friends!


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