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In-mate education

Basement helps HMP Liverpool inmates learn about wider impact of substance misuse during new self-awareness sessions

Inmates at HMP Liverpool are learning about how substance misuse can affect their lives and close relationships, thanks to new sessions delivered by The Basement in partnership with Sefton CVS.

The sessions aim to encourage the prisoners, who are currently in rehabilitation, to look at their behaviour and take responsibility for their actions. The training also helps participants to understand the distress that their actions can cause the people they love, and how substance misuse can cause dysfunctional relationships within our society.

The group of inmates interacted well and got a lot out of the taster sessions. One individual said: “The training was a great help and will give me the confidence to move on. As a father and son it will better me.

“I have an insight into abusive relationships and what they cause.”

There was also much interest from the group in our work and the services that we offer, such as the Peer Mentoring Course, and they were keen to find out how they could get involved with The Basement on their release.

The Basement will now deliver a number of self-awareness sessions at HMP Liverpool, each month, over the next year.

Charlotte Mansbridge, Strategic Director for The Basement, commented: “We are sure the self-awareness sessions will be a success – our partnership working with Sefton CVS and HMP Liverpool is a great way of offering training and support to those who are currently serving time at HMP Liverpool.”

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