Our mission

The Basement’s Mission is…

To reach out and respond to the needs of homeless people and be a place of change by creating an environment that offers acceptance, respect, and genuineness to allow people to grow. 

At The Basement we recognise that homelessness does not happen in isolation to other life experiences which may include one or all of the following; ill health, relationship break down, mental illness, addiction, abuse and financial issues.

We believe in offering a person centred approach whilst challenging and empowering people.  Our approach helps us to understand the coping strategies that people use and highlights strengths to help people to move towards more positive, sustainable life changes.  We support people back to health, back to work and off the streets.

We offer a space where people feel safe both physically and psychologically.  We have service users at the heart of eveything we do, and we empower people to make their own decisions and choices.  We believe in peoples abilities and potential and we accept their individual life experiences.  Mental health issues are deeply connected to the trauma and adversity people who are homeless face.  We recognise that poor mental health is both a cause and a consequence of homelessness.  Housing insecurity and rough sleeping is traumatic and stressful and can exacerbate or cause mental health problems.  We offer a homely environment as a first step off the streets.   Our Drop-in is crucial for people who are in crisis to reset themselves and calm their mind.  We offer a safe space away from the streets, build trusting relationships, and empower people  to make choices to make positive life changes that benefit both the individual and the communities where they live.

The Basement Team with Boxer Natasha Jonas