Weekday provision

The Urban Outreach and Response Service run in partnership between The Basement and The Whitechapel Centre offers support to those who are homeless and or street drinkers across Liverpool.

This provision is offered throughout the week and weekend and can be accessed from The Whitechapel Centre, Langsdale Street, L3 8DU.

For more information contact the Urban Outreach Team on: 0151 207 7617.


Weekday services include:

Week day drop-in – 8am-9pm Monday to Friday:
This service is available for people who are in crisis and can be accessed at any time without  appointment via the Langsdale Street centre.

Open Access for basic needs – 8am – 10am Monday to Friday:
Open-access provision for rough sleepers, including Hub clients, providing dedicated time to enable basic needs to be met, such as shower and laundry facilities, breakfast and refreshments.

Activities / Learning & Development – From 10am Monday to Friday:
Available for all clients including street drinkers and people who are at risk of or have recently left rough sleeping.
Access to the centre, except for Hub users or those needing crisis interventions or with key working appointments will be dependent on engagement in service activities.

Activities include:

  • Engagement Sessions
  • Education & Employment Sessions

Those taking part in activities and eligible Hub clients are entitled to a free lunch.
There will also be on-site surgeries from a range of external agencies including Health, Treatment Services, Chiropody and Job Club.

For an up to date time table please click here: http://www.whitechapelcentre.co.uk/education-training–enablement.html

Hub/Housing and Welfare Rights – 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday
Clients who are new to rough sleeping can present to the Hub between 8AM and 9PM (last assessments 7.30PM).
Clients who have previously accessed the Hub service and find themselves homeless again can access Housing and Welfare Rights Advice at the centre between 10AM and 5PM.

Evenings – From 5pm Monday to Friday:
Access to the centre is limited to Hub clients and known rough sleepers and street drinkers who have an appointment to see their Outreach Worker or who are experiencing a crisis which needs immediate resolution during this time.
There will be activities taking place on some evenings which are open to street drinkers and rough sleepers specifically.
Eligible Hub clients and those taking part in activities will be entitled to a light evening meal.

Outreach service – 6am-9pm 7 days a week
Outreach services engage with and support both rough sleepers and street drinkers within the Liverpool area assertively signposting clients to relevant partner agencies or our own service provision subject to the individuals needs.

Hospital Outreach – 10am-6pm 7 days a week
Based at The Royal Hospital, our Hospital Outreach service is designed to prevent discharge back to homelessness for rough sleeping clients.