Life Coaching

Six Free Sessions with a Life coach

Life coaches are personal trainers for your goals

How can I access the service:

You can be referred in to us by a social prescribing link worker, GPs and other community sectors. The life coach is a professional who helps you reach your goal and make changes in your life.

Key Benefits of life coaching

Our life coach can help you get on the right track and start performing in the areas of your life that you wish to change. Our life coach will guide you through the process by asking questions that help you evaluate and decide which steps to take to reach your goal and make an important change. You then take on the important role of motivator and personal strategist in your own life.

The coach is there to help you reach your goal in the most efficient, effective, and rewarding way possible. They will help you gain tools and confidence to breakthrough limitations, and give you skills to inspire and empower you.  Achieve your health and fitness goals, renew your energy, improve your psychology, and reach your goals. Tap into courage, strength, passion, and confidence in the face of challenges.

 Any questions, call Jacqueline King 07888269628 / 


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