Basement support available in Food Banks and Community Churches

The Basement have partnered with four food banks and community churches in Liverpool, to offer support and advice on substance misuse and accommodation to people in the Tuebrook, Kensington and Wavertree areas.

The idea behind the scheme is about reaching out to individuals in their local community to raise awareness of the services The Basement Advisory Centre has to offer, preventing homelessness, repeated Rough Sleeping and supporting those looking for help with substance misuse issues they are experiencing.

Tommy Allman, Outreach Manager from The Basement commented:

‘We know that people collecting food parcels and attending community church cafes, are going through hard times and we are basing ourselves in those places so it is easier for them to access our help before things become worse for them.’

One example of how this scheme has helped is in the case of Paul*.

Paul was living with a disability which meant he had to use a wheelchair to get about. Living in a two story house was not conducive with this and Paul also began to show signs of alcohol dependency due to a range of personal issues. With the help of The Basement Outreach team, Paul obtained assistance to move into supported accommodation and is receiving help for his issues with alcohol.

Where you can access The Basement’s help:

The Hope Centre (from 1st April)
Buckingham Road, Tuebrook, Liverpool. L13 8AZ
Tuesdays: 2pm-4pm

Front Line Centre
Corner Lawrence / Wellington Road, Wavertree, Liverpool. L15 0HY
Fridays: 1pm to 3.30pm

Alive Centre
Boaler Street, Kensington Liverpool. L6 9DH
Fridays: 11am to 1pm

The Baptist Church
Coleridge St, Liverpool, Kensington. L6 6BT.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 10am to 11am

The Basement are looking to work in partnership with other Food Banks and Community Centers in the future, please visit our website to find out where these will be.

 *Names have been changed to protect the identity of people used in examples.
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