Basement support group gears up for camping weekend on River Severn

A group of Basement service users are gearing up for a weekend of camping and canoeing on the River Severn, as they continue on their road to recovery.

Members of The Basement Outreach Team

The people taking part in the trip all belong to The Basement’s Alcohol Support Group, which provides members with an outlet to channel their energies while also helping to strengthen the foundations of recovery.

The support group meets once a fortnight, giving its members the chance to reflect on what has happened over the last two weeks – and share experiences – over a cup of coffee and a game of pool. And, as well as being supported by Basement Outreach staff, they also support one another.

But it doesn’t end there. Participants are encouraged to try something new and take part in fun adventure activities – activities that they would not ordinarily have access to, for example rope climbing and canoeing.

The group, which was set up in November, forms part of an integrated care plan that allows members to widen their circle of support. Support Group staff will help members access a range of support – not only from The Basement (e.g. counselling) but also from external agencies such as The Brink, Heart and Soul, and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Another good incentive to take part in the support group, and work towards getting sober, is being able to join Peninsular Angling – an abstinence-based fishing club. Being a member of Peninsular Angling is a great way to meet other people who are in a similar situation, outside of the Support Group. However, it is necessary to be abstinent or in recovery to join – and this is where being a member of the Basement Support Group can help.

Tommy Allman, Outreach Manager at The Basement, explained: “We believe that the best way for our service users to stay sober is to put not just one but several mechanisms of support in place. Through joining the Support Group, members can access a number of agencies in Liverpool while also meeting new people who understand what they are going through. And they love taking part in the activities that we organise  – I’m always being asked when next we are going fishing.”

To join the Alcohol Support Group, it is necessary to take part in our alcohol detox residential programme. We do accept those who are sleeping rough or living in a hostel onto the programme – for more information please contact Tommy or Amanda on 0151 707 1515.

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